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On a roll – Family friendly hikes with strollers to match

| May 29, 2013
Mothers with their babies and toddles come out for a fast-paced stroller hike at Sunnyvale Baylands Park

Mothers with their babies and toddles on a fast-paced stroller hike

Parks around the country are developing programs for families who want to enjoy the outdoors with young children.

“The message is, bring the right equipment and we’ll do the rest,” said Meri-Margaret Deoudes, vice president for the National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There campaign, which is designed to promote outdoor play.

Many parks offer events as a “gateway” for parents to see how easily they can enjoy the outdoors with children, she said from her office in Merrifield, Va.

For instance, in Cleveland, Ohio, the Metroparks park district offers a “Stroller Science” series that often combines a stroll and a kid-friendly nature lesson.

At the Hudson Highlands Land Trust in Garrison, N.Y., event organizers began offering hikes geared to families with strollers or backpack carriers about six years ago, said MJ Martin, director of outreach development. More and more “intrepid families” are taking advantage of it, she said.

Outdoors-Stroller Hikes

“It’s a great movement that we’ve seen grow over the last couple of years,” she said. “Families are not letting the age of their children hold them back. We added family-friendly hikes that include parents and caregivers with toddlers and babies.”

Karen Kapoor of Cold Springs, N.Y., and her husband, Dinesh, routinely take their 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter out into the woods. “We’ve been hiking since my daughter was a teeny-tiny baby,” she said.

“I like to get out for myself. It’s easier to take them along than find a babysitter.”

The kids have developed an interest in hiking. Seven-year-old Raunag dislikes it when his mom hikes without him.

“I like watching the animals,” he said. “We see birds and bugs and caterpillars on leaves.”

By: Melissa Kossler Dutton


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