Jere Morehead on humor & hobbies

by / Comments Off / 156 View / May 29, 2013

020513_UGAPresident_RH01It’s easier for people who don’t know Jere Morehead to get the impression that he’s entirely focused on his work at the University of Georgia.

Even Morehead admits that it’s fair to say UGA is not just work, but a hobby.

Morehead is no drudge, though, say those who know him well.

“I’d like people to know that Jere Morehead has a superb sense of humor. I’m not sure that always comes across. He’s a funny guy,” said Paul Kurtz, an associate dean in UGA’s School of Law.

“He sees the humor in life. He’s a good observer of things and he’s witty,” said longtime friend Julie Carnes, chief judge in Atlanta’s Northern District U.S. District Court.

Morehead can be sly, said Mark Lewis, an NCAA vice president and a former Morehead student.

He would sometimes ask students with a straight face if they knew that the time for a class had been changed, and they were late, when in fact it had not been, Lewis recalled.

“He’s always got something up his sleeve,” he said. “You’ve got to always be on your guard with him.”

Morehead can also show a little patience and understanding, Lewis said.

When Lewis and his teammates in the UGA School of Law won UGA’s first moot court NCAA national championship, the students ate breakfast at McDonald’s their first successful day. One of Lewis’ teammates, he didn’t say who, decided it would jinx the team if they didn’t continue eating at the Golden Arches.

“He is not a McDonald’s aficionado,” Lewis said of Morehead, the moot court team’s coach. “He tried very hard not to go to McDonald’s. It drove him nuts that we had prepared hundreds of hours for this success. For a man of his intellect to have superstition enter in was hard.”

Morehead met them at McDonald’s, though they had to bring in his breakfast from elsewhere, Lewis said.

“He wasn’t going to mess with the mojo,” Lewis said.

Morehead admits to watching a lot of sports; he’s a frequent spectator at UGA football games and other UGA competitions.

An avid reader, he counts Doris Kearns Goodwin and David McCullough among his favorite authors. He likes historical biographies like Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” and McCullough’s “John Adams.”

For vacations, the unmarried Morehead likes going to the beach with his extended family, most often to Hilton Head or St. Simons Island.

And for beach reading, he’s partial to novelist Pat Conroy, whose books include “The Water is Wide,” “Prince of Tides” and “The Great Santini.”

When Morehead watches television, he mostly flips from news channel to news channel, though he does admit to having a favorite TV entertainment show.

“I became addicted to ’Homeland’ like a number of friends,” he said.

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