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Classic Style with Grace & James

Growing up in Mississippi, sisters Georgia Anne Moore and Mary Agnes Ellis were the epitome of Southern belles. Their mother, like lots of Southern moms, spent countless hours sewing beautiful outfits for them to wear. As a result both sisters share a passion for Southern style children’s clothing, but had no experience in retail. Their passion however, and entreprenuerial spirit, was enough to start a boutique children’s clothing line – Grace & James Kids.

“I will never forget calling Mary Agnes when I was 35 weeks pregnant and saying, “I think we should start a children’s clothing company,” says Moore. “As I expected, her response was, ‘I’m in. Tell me what to do!’”

And as they say, the rest is history. The sisters have been successful with Grace & James while balancing full-time motherhood. Between the two of them they have six children with one on the way. But, both admit the challenges are real.

“I think us living seven plus hours from each other is a big challenge,” says Ellis. “We have to make big decisions via facetime and emails instead of us each being there together in real life. We work together during nap time and after bedtime, plus we have a time difference, so finding the balance is sometimes tough.”

Despite the challenges, they have big plans for the future. “Right now we sell the majority of our products directly to customers through our online boutique and trunk shows,” says Moore. “In five years, we’d like to have more of a national presence through our online boutique as well as in retail stores.”

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