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For the Joy of Flowers

By Jennifer McKee  |  Photos courtesy of R&R Secret Farm   Tucked away inside a residential neighborhood in Athens lies one of The Classic City’s natural gems.  R&R Secret Farm sits on a .7-acre plot owned by Rita and Robert O’Brien, hence the R&R. Secret because it’s something you wouldn’t expect to find in Athens. …

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Lily Smith, Lily Smith Studio

Sitano’s Timeless Appeal

By Jennifer McKee  |  Photos courtesy of Merrill Horridge   It all started with the search for a simple coverup. Mary Scott Jameson and her family were looking forward to a beach vacation at the end of 2020. Jameson went on the hunt for a swimsuit coverup and was shocked by what she found.  “I…

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Trestle Thrasher

An Eye for Design

By Johnathan McGinty | Photos courtesy of Listen, love may not have blossomed at first sight, but it’s safe to say it was seeded by a first frame. More than two decades ago, Beth Hall Thrasher eagerly snatched up a beautiful work of art from a young, up-and-coming photographer named Jason Thrasher. It was…

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