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Winter 2019

Taste – Winter 2019

I find some irony in a restaurant named The Expat being one of the most popular new restaurants in Athens. A good irony though. The city is full of diverse culture, locals, college students, professionals, but each finds comfort in this 1930’s home-turned-restaurant. Owners Krista and Jerry Slater and executive chef Savannah Sasser make a…

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Classic Style with Caroline Swetenburg

Caroline Swetenburg finds inspiration in the abstract. The Nashville native is an abstract and portrait artist who works mostly in acrylics, oil and oil pastel. “Unlike portrait work, abstracts give me a sense of freedom, with my inspiration really coming from everywhere – architecture, color palettes, lots of different things.” From a very early age…

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Everything Girtz

On January 8, 2019, Kelly Girtz was sworn into his new role as Mayor of Athens-Clarke County, but almost a week prior, he was DJ Everything Girtz. New Year’s Eve-goers could find him at the roof of the Georgia Theatre with his “Six Decades of Funk” playlist. Stumbling across the information was surprising at first,…

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Letter to a Fireman’s Wife

By Brian Panowich Before telling stories for a living paid my bills, I was a firefighter for nearly a decade. I can tell you without a doubt that despite the danger that accompanied that kind of work, that I absolutely loved it. I can also tell you exactly when that feeling changed. It happened the…

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Every town has a story, a history shaped by the people and institutions that live there. But who tells that story? Athens has a new nonprofit that has spurred a revival of collaboration through something as simple as storytelling. Athensmade is a group of local businesses and entrepreneurs that provide mentors, networking, partnerships and a…

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