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Classic Style

Classic Style with Eldridge Stationers

By Ashlee Duren | Photography by Yvonne Niemann Photography Most wedding planners and bridal experts will tell you that the invitation is the first impression your guests receive about your big day. The invitation truly sets the stage for your wedding. Amanda Eldridge, owner of Eldridge Stationers, couldn’t agree more. “In today’s DIY world, brides…

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Classic Style with Grace & James

Growing up in Mississippi, sisters Georgia Anne Moore and Mary Agnes Ellis were the epitome of Southern belles. Their mother, like lots of Southern moms, spent countless hours sewing beautiful outfits for them to wear. As a result both sisters share a passion for Southern style children’s clothing, but had no experience in retail. Their…

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Classic Style with David Denham

By his own admission, David Denham has always had a sense of style. “I’ve always had a thing for well-made clothing,” Denham says with a grin. ‘”I will admit that.” But it wasn’t until 2015, that the University of Georgia graduate and former member of the 2005 National Championship Georgia Golf team decided to start…

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Classic Style with Kim Jensen

When Kim Jensen moved to Madison, Ga. in 1998, she had no idea she would become a style maven for women. The Tampa native moved to the area to raise her family. Shortly thereafter she opened a small gift boutique, the Ruffled Rooster, and ran it for several years before purchasing Amelia’s Apparel on Main…

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Classic Style with Caroline Swetenburg

Caroline Swetenburg finds inspiration in the abstract. The Nashville native is an abstract and portrait artist who works mostly in acrylics, oil and oil pastel. “Unlike portrait work, abstracts give me a sense of freedom, with my inspiration really coming from everywhere – architecture, color palettes, lots of different things.” From a very early age…

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Classic Style with Adeline Mills

Adeline Mills has always had a love of flowers. But it wasn’t until a friend who was getting married and needed to save money on her flowers, did her passion turn into a business. “It started with my friend, and then another person asked, and then another,” Adeline says. “It just took off from there.”…

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