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Haleigh+Josh – October Twenty-Sixth

  By Ashlee Duren | Photos By Sarah Eubanks Standing on her family’s property, just before she walked down the aisle to her future husband, Josh, Haleigh Stinson was overcome with a sense of love. “It was in that moment when I saw all the faces of everyone who cared for us,” she says. “I…

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Callie+Jared – June Twenty-Ninth

  By Ashlee Duren | Photos By Sarah Eubanks When Callie and Jared Whigham began planning their wedding, they wanted the day to glorify God. With their focal point set, Callie’s grandmother was able to lead the couple in communion, their first official act in marriage. Her grandfather shared the Gospel, and everyone in attendance…

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Emily+David – June Fifthteenth

  By Ashlee Duren | Photos By Sarah Eubanks Every bride has moments from her wedding day that last a lifetime. For Emily Newsome, there were several moments that are seared in her memory. “I had a moment of great gratitude when both of my parents walked me up the steps in the chapel and…

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Sarah+John – April Sixth

  By Ashlee Duren | Photos By Sara+Logan Weddings For most brides, their actual wedding day becomes somewhat of a blur. But not for Sarah Meinermann. She managed to soak in every detail. “Each moment from that day warms my heart as it was all so special and meaningful,” Meinermann admits. “But I do have…

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Road to Ho Chi Minh City – 4 of 4

By Mac McCall Leaving the mountain refuge of Da Lat, we knocked out the remaining miles to Ho Chi Minh City, arriving in a sleepless metropolis. Ho Chi Minh is the financial center of the country, a scene of frenetic commercial activity and a bustling beacon of opportunity for young Vietnamese. Like all of Vietnam,…

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Building on Southern Hospitality

By Nancy Jackson  |  Photos by Kaitie Bryant Photography Over the course of his life, Lee Epting learned the ins and outs of the catering and event business to help make others’ dream weddings and events become a reality. Epting Events has assisted countless friends and community members to make their perfect events come to…

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