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Tabletop Pop

By Hailea Boykin


From friends to business owners, Alexa Stevenson and Kingsley Strong know a thing or two when it comes to a stylish tablescape. The two attended the University of Georgia together and unknowingly were in the same sorority though they never really connected. After leaving Athens for some years to pursue business ventures, Stevenson and Strong each moved back and ended up crossing paths again through their children, who ended up in preschool together.

With their business, Lex & King (L&K), the two are helping curate stylish, affordable tablescapes. “We both love color and pattern and everything bright. We talked about [Lex & King] for a long time. I think over some rosé one night we came up with the name,” jokes Stevenson.

While they carry linens sourced from India, Columbia and Portugal, L&K also makes their own linens that are machine washable, ensuring that you can use your linens for everyday dinners, not just for entertaining.

“When buying and looking at linens we didn’t love everything that we were finding and we couldn’t find what we wanted. So we started producing our own stuff,” says Stevenson. “We’re working on a line right now, but we also like to support other female businesses,” adds Strong. L&K carries Maison Venu, a linen line created by University of Georgia graduate Olivia Massie. 

Many families with young kids worry about the possibility of a dirty tablecloth, but Stevenson and Strong stress the importance of a space meant for family. “Meals are supposed to be enjoyed, and you’re supposed to have fun,” mentions Strong. They want their napkins, plates, placemats and tablecloths to be well loved during every meal. “Don’t be afraid to get things dirty,” says the pair.

When decorating or designing your own table, the pair suggests starting with an element you love. “As long as you like it, you can build off of it,” says Stevenson. “Have fun, don’t overthink it … you can do whatever you want on your table because it’s not permanent,” adds Strong.

At the heart of Lex & King is a duo that loves design, and they want to help others comfortably love it too. “It’s really fun helping someone put together a look for their table, watching them get excited about it is fun,” mentions Strong.

Photos courtesy of Lex & King
Photos by Alvaro S Photography
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