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It’s All About The Pattern

By Hailea Boykin  |  Photos by Heather Crouse Photography


In December 2019 Tatum Williams was inspired to create unique clothing her children would wear. Her idea came naturally, but there was one twist; she needed a business partner with a passion for fabric patterning and design. “I was thinking, ‘To successfully create this brand I needed to find someone to do the artwork and carry it throughout [the brand],’” says Williams.

While asking friends in the Athens area for recommendations one thing became clear, Hollis McFadden was someone that Williams needed to meet, so they met, and as the saying goes, ‘the rest is history.’

McFadden had brought some of her previous fabric designs to meet Williams in January 2020, “We just clicked, her work was exactly what I was envisioning [for the brand],” mentions Williams. “Tatum has a very clear vision of what she wants to see, and we are able to work really well together that way,” continues McFadden. From there, the two worked to find the perfect balance of design, colors and patterning for their first project: children’s swimsuits.

With Williams having three girls and McFadden having three boys, their different perspectives bring the brand together for all children, but perfecting the style and fit of a piece is sometimes the trickiest part.

As artists, they both gravitate towards more classic styles with timeless and whimsical prints that you won’t find anywhere else.

“We take a specific moment and modernize it a little bit,” states McFadden. Since their first launch Sun House Children’s has evolved to include boys and girls loungewear, girls dresses and bloomers, boys shirts and pullovers, along with a few women’s dresses.

A lot their inspiration comes from old world patterns and interior designs, and while there are playful elements, Sun House Children’s pairs whimsy with sophistication, creating clothing that children and parents enjoy. From boys swim trunks and loungewear, girls swim suits and dresses to coordinating sibling sets and “mommy and me” sets, each Sun House collection is created with the utmost care and attention. “We are always looking at our next thing without doing everything too quickly,” states Williams. “We always want our quality to be stunning,” agrees McFadden.

When the sun sets at the end of the day, the pair continue to grow Sun House as a beloved brand amongst families. Together, the two create styles that morph into moments to be remembered by Athens families forever.

This summer they are planning to launch a women’s collab and more boys pieces are on the way. “It’s an honor to be a part of special family memories, it will always be a goal of ours,” says Williams.