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Sitano’s Timeless Appeal

By Jennifer McKee  Photos courtesy of Merrill Horridge


It all started with the search for a simple coverup. Mary Scott Jameson and her family were looking forward to a beach vacation at the end of 2020. Jameson went on the hunt for a swimsuit coverup and was shocked by what she found. 

“I saw one, I loved it, it was over $300,” says Jameson. “I kept taking a survey of the room, everything was crazy expensive. I still bought one expensive coverup.”

The experience lit a spark for the University of Georgia grad. An entrepreneur at heart, Jameson hired a consultant and researched the beachwear space. She found a gap between the low- and high-end brands and decided to run her findings by her childhood friend, Merrill Horridge, who was about to graduate with her Master of Business Administration. Horridge embraced the idea, and Sitano was born. 

“We just kept having meetings, and all of a sudden, we were researching manufacturers in L.A. and New York,” says Jameson. “We just kept putting one foot in front of the other as far as all the details that go into a startup build.” 

Jameson’s roles as a buyer for Neiman Marcus, in human resources for a real estate investment firm and her current role in business development (both Jameson and Horridge still work day jobs) taught her to be resourceful and learn how to wear different hats. That, coupled with Horridge’s business acumen and accounting background, makes for the perfect partnership. 

“I think both of our paths have made us really good about leaning on our networks and also just not being afraid to reach out and ask questions to people that we don’t know,” says Horridge. 

In building their brand, the duo found that, similar to Jameson’s experience, people were overspending their time and money on the search for a bathing suit coverup. 

“We thought, ‘how can our brand bridge that gap’, bringing everyone back to the idea of getting excited for vacation, taking that pause and recharging,” says Jameson. “Our brand is really about the importance of quality time with friends and family and enjoying the shopping experience, hoping it is even as enjoyable as the vacation itself.”

“I look at it as the three Cs: how can a woman feel comfortable, confidant and chic when they are on vacation,” Jameson adds. “That’s how we want them to feel wearing a Sitano coverup.”

Sitano’s November 2022 launch was a test to see what styles, colors and silhouettes resonated with buyers. The winners? Classic black and white, navy and a deep ocean shade Horridge christened Capri blue. A small summer collection is due out in May or June (look for pieces in stone beige, blush baby pink and coral), followed by seasonal drops and trunk shows. 

Ever evolving, Jameson and Horridge are eagerly anticipating the brand’s new sarong, which will be manufactured in its first overseas production run, in India. “We’re very excited for the next steps,” says Jameson.  

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