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Classic Style with Caroline Swetenburg

Caroline Swetenburg finds inspiration in the abstract. The Nashville native is an abstract and portrait artist who works mostly in acrylics, oil and oil pastel.

“Unlike portrait work, abstracts give me a sense of freedom, with my inspiration really coming from everywhere - architecture, color palettes, lots of different things.”

From a very early age Caroline was exposed to the world of fine art. Her mother, Anne Rodgers, is a portrait artist and often accompanied her on visits to the museum. “I am so inspired by my mom. She has an amazing eye for color.”

While Caroline was still in high school, the mother-daughter duo attended the Art Student’s League in New York to study drawing. She attended Sewanee: The University of the South where she studied art history and continued training at the Ryder Studio in Santa Fe, N.M. and Studio Escalier in Argenton Chateau, France.

Since moving to Athens in 2012, Caroline has continued to explore abstract work.

“When I start an abstract piece, I usually start with a palette and begin mixing colors and the piece just evolves, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. You do know when it looks right and then I just go with it. ”

To see the latest creations by Caroline, stop by her historic Chase Park Warehouse studio or visit her online shop at