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Classic Style with Adeline Mills

Adeline Mills has always had a love of flowers. But it wasn’t until a friend who was getting married and needed to save money on her flowers, did her passion turn into a business.

“It started with my friend, and then another person asked, and then another,” Adeline says. “It just took off from there.”

White Wolf Floral Design, founded in December 2016, is ready to assist you with your next party, wedding, corporate event, etc. Regardless of budget, Adeline is confident she can create the perfect arrangement for you.

With an affinity for European floral design, particularly the Dutch style, she is building a client base with similar taste.
“I really like arrangements with movement and structure, so when I’m accepting a new client, I try to make sure they are on the same page.”

Personally, her top 5 favorite flowers include poppies, muscari, daffodils, pieris and fritillaria. But she can work with just about anything.

And while Adeline admits that she loves creating colorful bouquets, she does not love wearing color.

“This is true. I prefer the capsule wardrobe. The most color you’ll catch me in would be the occasional muted blue or green,” she says laughingly. “Or Georgia red, of course.”