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Classic Style with Eldridge Stationers

By Ashlee Duren | Photography by Yvonne Niemann Photography

Most wedding planners and bridal experts will tell you that the invitation is the first impression your guests receive about your big day. The invitation truly sets the stage for your wedding. Amanda Eldridge, owner of Eldridge Stationers, couldn’t agree more. “In today’s DIY world, brides have some many options for invitations,” Eldridge says. “We want to offer a more personal experience for a bride.”

  But it wasn’t her first career goal. In fact, when the Athens native began her career, she started out as a realtor. That’s where she met her husband, Doc. The couple married in 2009 and after a few years with both working as realtors, the couple decided a career change was necessary. “The market had taken a turn for the worse and we just knew that needed to make a change, so we began looking for a business to buy,” Eldridge explains.

A friend of the couple put them in touch with the then owners of Oconee Printing. With no experience whatsoever in the printing business, the Eldridges bought Oconee Printing in January 2013. The couple spent several years learning every facet of the printing business.  After a few years, she noticed a real need in Athens when it came to high-end wedding invitations. “I wanted to be able to offer a personal experience when choosing the perfect invitation,” Eldridge explains “Everything from the selection of paper, to font choices, wording and the etiquette of addressing the invitation. Choosing an invitation is a big part of the overall event. I want to offer a true service for brides.” With the expansion of their business, the couple is doing just that. “It’s been a long process, but slow and steady wins the race. I was able to be with my kids when they were really little and now I have a legitimate stationary company,” she says. “I feel so blessed the timing worked out.”