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Classic Style with Steel + Plank

By Ashlee Duren | Photos of courtesy of Steel + Plank

Kelley Bishop is committed to helping others live well. As owner of Steel + Plank, a local furniture store, she has poured her passion into designing a line that is not only beautiful, but comfortable as well. Pieces of furniture she had been unable to find when shopping for her own home.

  In an effort to expand her business and provide quality craftsmanship to people outside of the Athens area, Bishop, also an architect, recently launched a new e-commerce site to accompany her brick and mortar store.

The site,, not only features Bishop’s own minimalist style furniture collection, but lines from other Southern designers as well including Honeycomb Studio, Kokili, Charlotte Smith Studies, Ink & Indigo, Little Light Co. and more.

The goal of Steel + Plank is simple – to provide quality furniture with superior craftsmanship all the while promoting sustainable processes.