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The Scoop – Athens Banners Share Messages of Hope

By Jennifer McKee

Banners courtesy of Athens Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Athens just got a lot more colorful.

In effort to brighten spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Athens Downtown Development Authority and Athens Area Arts Council commissioned five area artists to take part in the Athens Banner Project, one that showcases the city’s creative spirit and unity.

The selected artists are Marvella Castaneda, Jess Dunlap, Elinor Saragoussi Phillips, Maximos Salzman and Klee Schell.

Banners produced by these artists share messages of resiliency, community and support. They used the iconic Works Progress Administration’s public poster art of the 1930s-40s as inspiration for the banners.

The Lyndon House Arts Center has a display of all five banners in their front windows. The banners can also be found hanging in downtown businesses.