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The Scoop – These Vodkas Were Made to Sip

By Jennifer McKee | Photo Courtesy of NEFT Vodka

When it comes to cool summer drinks, cocktails often overshadow liquor that’s good enough to drink plain. So before you stir up your next cocktail, consider chilling with these vodkas that make sipping an art form.

NEFT Vodka

Using oxygen-rich spring water that’s been filtering itself below the rock table of the Austrian Alps for more than 50 years, NEFT is the definition of chilled. That water, along with four non-GMO ancient grains, is distilled three times in a copper-pot still and has no additives whatsoever.

NEFT’s pure taste makes for great sipping. It’s also easily portable; it comes in a shatterproof barrel that keeps your vodka cold for hours—take it on a road trip, then reward yourself after reaching your destination with an ice-cold toast. The smooth taste is one you’ll want to savor.


Restoration Release Vodka

High-end spirits have been produced out of Frankfort, Kentucky since 1887. Such is the case of Castle & Key, which closed during Prohibition and was given new life when owners Will Arvin and Wes Murray brought the distillery back to life in 2014.

With the revamp of the property came a reimagining of the vodka Arvin and Murray would produce there. Restoration Release Vodka is crafted from a whiskey base that re-distilled, resulting in a silky, rich and sweet taste. It’s become known as the “cocktail foundation you will want to drink neat.” And you should.


Vavoom Vodka

Vavoom’s moniker describes a few of this premium vodka’s features. At first glance, you’ll think it’s named for the exquisite bottle, handcrafted in Milan, Italy, which entrances you with the form of a voluptuous woman reaching skyward. But Vavoom’s fine taste is also a contender; the vodka is distilled five times and is 100-percent grain based and gluten free—perfect for sipping with its smooth and silky finish.

Through each step of the design and distilling process, founder Luke Battiloro has brought out Italian influences to make his brand stand apart. “People want something new,” he said. “Not just an ultra-premium spirit, but something that evokes an emotional response.” And Vavoom Vodka does just that with its unforgettable taste and spirit.