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The Scoop – Find Inspiration in These Fine Printed Goods

By Jennifer McKee 

There’s nothing like a fun set of stationery or pretty specialty papers to instantly lift your spirits. We’ve culled a selection of great postcards, lovely notebooks, cocktail-inspired correspondence and art-inspired scarves to add to your must-have list. There’s even do-it-yourself wall hangings you can create out of your favorite photos.

Girl W/Knife

Remind loved ones of how awesome they are with an unapologetic card from Girl w/Knife. Because life is too short not to say what you feel! Designs come courtesy of artist Elicia Castaldi, whose illustrations are a mixture of painted, cut paper and digital elements and are inspired by fashion, travel, a good laugh and anything the color of rosé. Gift wrap, notebooks and journals are also available.

Photo courtesy Girl W/Knife


LaneLove Paper Co.

This premier design studio in Plano, Texas, had to shift gears when its inaugural anniversary celebration in July 2020 could no longer take place in person. Instead, pandemic postcards were born, not only to provide messages of encourage, but to promote safety and social distancing. LaneLove also offers discounted “postpone postcards” for those who have adjusted wedding dates.

Photo courtesy LaneLove Paper Co.


Archer Paper Goods

Its name inspired by the sport of archery, Archer Paper Goods hits the bullseye for those looking for stunning stationery, fun greeting cards, maps, art prints and other great gifts. We love its notebooks, memo pads and pens in bright, bold colors. The first location opened in Atlanta in 2015; stores can also be found in Athens, Georgia, Dallas and Charlotte.

Photo courtesy Archer Paper Goods


Nota Bene Fine Paper Boutique

Latin for “note well,” the term nota bene calls something important to attention. So we feel it’s important to note the signature designs and thoughtful gifts found at this Pittsburgh paper boutique. From custom invitations and announcements to personalized stationery to thoughtful gifts, we love perusing its products.

Photo courtesy Nota Bene Fine Paper Boutique



The exquisite selections from New Orleans’ Scriptura are produced on a series of antique letterpresses, the oldest of which is from 1906. The letterpress process results in a raised impression that’s truly a work of art. We’re partial to the writing and drinking correspondence cards, on which cocktail recipes are reimagined as envelope liners—paired with a set of quotable drink coasters, of course!

Photo courtesy Scriptura


MoMa Design Store

The MoMA Design Store is home to many delights, but we gravitate toward its lovely scarves. The Carmen Herrera silk scarf is a MoMA exclusive; its vivid black-and-white design is based on a painting the abstract artist painted in 1952. Another exclusive is the colorful Alma Woodsey Thomas scarf, which pays tribute to the Black expressionist’s 1968 painting. The Starry Night scarf is a reproduction of Van Gogh’s iconic piece.

Those who want to stay in the paper-goods category should take a look at MoMA’s glee-inducing assortment of holiday cards, 3D-engineered by emerging and established artists. Find them here:

Photos courtesy MoMA Design Store


Parabo Press

Like do-it-yourself projects? Make square photos, newsprints, engineer prints and other wall hangings in a matter of minutes at Parabo Press. Simply upload your photos, arrange them how you like and voila, you’ve got gallery-quality artwork for your home. You’ll find everything you need to display them as well, such as wooden poster rails, wood blocks, skeleton clips and photo ropes. Time to get crafty!

Photo courtesy Parabo Press