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Garden + Garnish

By Griffin Nelson | Photos by Evermore Photo Co.

As much as I love eating out and supporting local restaurants, I also love cooking at home. I’ve tried a few meal-kit delivery services over the years for several reasons: First off, it’s super easy. No muss, no fuss. Just pick out what I want to eat, and the ingredients show up at my door. I follow the directions and I get a home-cooked meal without added stress, which can be particularly important around the holidays. Secondly, I love learning how to cook new foods and try new dishes that might be outside my comfort zone.

Sure, you can never go wrong with tacos (for which, as a born Texan, I have a particular soft spot in my heart,) but making shrimp ceviche or ricotta from scratch is just enough outside my comfort zone that I appreciate a little hand-holding during the process. With both crowd-pleasing and exciting meal options to choose from, Garnish & Gather has it all, with the added bonus of supporting local farmers in the process!

Founded in 2013 by Emily Golub, Garnish & Gather has a constantly rotating list of meal kit options, plus additional pantry items or smaller kits like desserts and appetizers to make weeknight dinners easy and interesting. There are kid-approved meals for those with little helpers. A team of chefs develop each week’s recipes and Garnish & Gather has even partnered with local chefs to create one-of-a-kind meal kits to make restaurant dining accessible in your own kitchen when eating out isn’t an option. As Golub says, “I want variety. I want to have interesting dishes that push my boundaries of what I’m used to cooking.”

I’m a big believer that anyone who can can cook, and Garnish & Gather further perpetuates that with its myriad options. The process of cooking can be just as much a communal activity as the act of eating the meal itself. Consider cooking something like Garlic-Butter Sirloin Steak with Cinnamon Apple Crumble for dessert with your significant other as a great stay-at-home date night activity. If kids want to help, with a little supervision they can participate by pushing the start button on the food processor when making pesto or stirring a bowl of OG Buttermilk Biscuits from Buttermilk Kitchen, then topping them with some of Emily G’s Fig and Pomegranate Jam.

The best part of Garnish & Gather is its commitment to working with local farms like the Athens area’s Fry Farm and Woodland Gardens. Garnish & Gather works very hard to create recipes based on what the farms will have available each season, supporting the Georgia economy and creating as little waste as possible.

During the upcoming holidays it’s even doing a series of à la carte kits like Herb- and Butter-Roasted Chicken, Pork Loin with Rosemary-Pomegranate Glaze, and Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese to help make holiday dinners easy and stress-free while also interesting and delicious. “Let’s make local easy” is the mantra I continue to hear and see as Garnish & Gather helps Athenians both simplify and amplify the home-cooking experience while supporting local farmers.