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Toying Around

By Hailea Boykin | Photos by Evermore Photo Co.

Kristen Bach has a passion for fostering young, creative learning. She wanted to shop local for her daughter but had trouble finding toys that would last and be useful for more than one age. So, she founded TREEHOUSE Kid & Craft, a shop geared toward promoting creative play for children of any age.

The shop at 815 W. Broad St. reopened on Sept. 25 after being closed for six months due to the pandemic, but Bach said she and her colleagues were “fueled in a way that was unexpected.” “The staff has collectively come up with really fun ideas for products,” Bach said.

On its website,, you can find toys, craft supplies and accessories that can be shipped right to your door, or you can pay the shop a visit in person. Some of its most popular products include toys from Magna-Tiles, Grimm’s and Grapat.

In non-pandemic times, TREEHOUSE offers creative and interactive classes for kids. When asked about the possibility of virtual classes, Bach said they aren’t available right now but are being considered. “We will probably use the same class lineup, similar to in-person, just virtually.”