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Deck the Halls

By Ashlee Duren

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, experts agree – you don’t have to spend tons of money to make your home beautiful.

We asked Tami Ramsay, principal and interior designer at Cloth & Kind, to share some tips for decorating for the holidays.

“We love to pull from the natural environment to create a beautiful and unique, almost wild, look for our clients,” Ramsay explains. “It’s not about going over the top, but more embellishments and using what you have in a different way.”

Long leaf pine, magnolia, smilax, dogwood and pine cones are just a few of the favorites Ramsay likes to incorporate when decorating a mantle or entryway to a home. Greenery is a simple way to add texture and volume to a wreath, mantle or bannister.

Forced bulbs also add an elegant touch to a table. The team at Cloth & Kind often use amaryllis and paperwhites in glass cylinders to make a statement on a dining room table.

“I think the key is taking what you have and using it in a new way,” Ramsay says. “Don’t get too hung up on everything looking perfect. Bring the outside inside.”

Tips For Holiday Decorating

• Simple and easy is beautiful

• Bring the outside inside - pull greenery from your yard or the woods and thoughtfully place it around your home

• A basic wire frame purchased at a home store can easily be filled with greenery and berries to create a stunning wreath

• Use what you have in a different manner

• Forced bulbs make a gorgeous centerpiece for your holiday table

• Just about anything can become a vessel - bread bowls, glass vases, decorative bowls, etc.

• Burlap can be used to disguise any type of vessel, creating a natural look

• Olive trees flanking your front door create a simple and festive environment