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Classic Style with LT Swimwear

By Hailea Boykin | Photos by Evermore Photo Co.

Laura Templin is the closest anyone can get to a real-life mermaid. Having spent majority of her life in the water as a young girl, Templin says she feels more comfortable in her bathing suit than in normal clothes. Her dedication to the water started at the age of four.

“My mother was my coach,” says Templin. “We always went right to the pool after school.” And up until the age of 22 she was always in a summer league or on a swim team.

In 2004, Templin made it to the Olympic trials. After, she took a brief break from the sport to finish her industrial design degree. She went to work in product development for Tyr Sport in Southern California for three years. After working at Tyr, she went to work for the water giant, Speedo, for the next 10 years. Even when not in the water, Templin’s heart was invested in all things swimming.

Since moving to Athens, Templin began teaching swim lessons on the side while her children are a part of the Athens Bulldog Swim Club.

Because she spent so much time with direct access to the best-of-the-best swimwear, Templin knows a thing or two about how swimsuits should look, feel and function. When it came time for her to buy a new suit she struggled to find a suit that checked all of her boxes.

“A handful of things were right, but not quite right,” she explained.

She noticed really quickly that women’s swimsuit shopping was a lengthy process with a very slim success rate. “I realized that there was this hole in the market for premium active swimwear for women,” Templin stated.

Since Georgia is hot and humid for most days out of the year many women struggle when it comes to buying a swimsuit that feels comfortable, functions well and lasts through the season. Thus, Templin has created her own brand of swimwear, LT Swimwear, that hits all of her most important requirements.

“I needed a suit that would meet my needs so I would feel good in it, covered up in the right places,” said Templin. “I wanted to feel fully supported but not like I was wearing a suit with too much fabric that didn’t fit my style.”

With her expansive swim and product development experience, Templin knew exactly what she wanted when  she started the branding process in January 2020. What she wasn’t prepared for was COVID-19.

On a spring break trip to California she found her manufacturer but by the time she made the trip back to Athens, COVID-19 and the lockdown was in full swing.

Nearly a year later, Templin has her first two flattering swimsuit styles in vibrant colors for sale, along with premium towels and cover-ups.

She also uses her online store as a platform to give parents tips and tricks when it comes to water related activities with children. “I have this knowledge that I want to share with other moms,” says Templin. “We recognize that danger of the water and I want to continue to share the knowledge I have gained over a lifetime of swimming.”