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The Scoop – Spring 2022

Farm 441 at Thomas Orchards

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By Hailea Boykin

Looking around at Farm 441 you’ll find a plethora of greenery for the season. With Taylor Jenkins as one integral part of Farm 441, he specializes in plants, bringing 20 years of lawn care and plant knowledge to anyone looking to spruce up their yard.

But, around the foliage is something else, something familiar but unique. Barbecue.

Jeff Campbell is the other key component to Farm 441, known for his stature in competitive barbecuing and catering. With barbecued brisket or pork on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy your cue or place a pickup order a few days ahead of time since it’s first come first served. It’s perfect for a UGA tailgate!

Did I mention homemade ice cream? Yeah, they have that too!

Not only do they have a wide selection of plants, shrubbery, trees and barbeque, but they also have local goods on hand. Shop for seasonal produce, honey, handmade soaps, jewelry and occasional stoneware.

Farm 441 is a perfect spot for gifts or a stop with the family. Gardening and cue, who knew!

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Athens' Extra Special People

athens ESP

Extra Special People (ESP) was founded by Martha Wyllie in 1986 to create more opportunities for children with disabilities.

In 2014 ESP was gifted a 70-acre camp in Jackson, Ga., with the goal of being the first universally accessible overnight camp, parent respite center and recreation facility. ESP operated mainly out of a gym for two decades until acquiring their activity building and renovating their old gym in 2016. Together, the two activity spaces allowed for a 25% increase in enrollment.

With more space meant more activities and experiences. ESP launched their Java Joy program in 2016, which consists of a mobile coffee cart that employs adults with disabilities. Since 2016 they have expanded and opened several more locations to support those with disabilities looking to join the workforce.

Not only does ESP support children with disabilities all throughout the year, but they host their “Big Three” special fundraiser events as an opportunity for the community to support their mission. During the summer months, Friend Fridays are a way for the community and ESP’s partners to partake in fun summer events with campers.

Most recently the Watkinsville community has rallied with ESP to create the ESP Miracle League, a soon to be baseball field and playground. Unfortunately, the unforeseen setbacks of COVID-19 have delayed construction and increased costs by $1 million.

Since their beginning, ESP has grown to help over 500 children in 30 counties across Georgia. Currently the program offers eight weeks of summer camp, after school programs and family support with no upper age limit.

If you’re looking to donate to ESP’s campaign, you can find their donation link at

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Artini's athens2022

I’m sure you can guess the fusion of Artini’s just by the name. Kate Cook owns the crafty adult art corner that serves beer and wine to accompany your creativity. Whether you’re looking for a date night, girls’ night, birthday party or just a fun activity, Artini’s has an art calendar where you can select and register for the class you’d like to take.

From painting canvas or ceramics, to working with resin and wood, unleash your inner artist with a guided class by one of their instructors — don’t worry, you don’t have to be a pro!

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The Little Decisions Podcast

LIP scoop Athens 2022

Through Kindness We Prevail

Victoria Cooper is no stranger to hardship. At a young age she took on adult responsibilities since her mother struggled with mental health, addiction and alcoholism. When she was nine years old her sister was born with two holes in her heart so, naturally, she assumed the role of caretaker. From her many traumatic childhood experiences Cooper developed unhealthy coping skills but found solace in entertainment. “I learned to entertain people as a coping mechanism,” she said.

Fast forward to 2019 where she decided to quit her job as an academic advisor at UGA and instead transition into a job as substance abuse counselor. During that year she lost her biological father and mother, but officially started on the path toward her own recovery. Eventually Cooper realized that she was at her job for the wrong reasons. “I didn’t feel satisfied internally,” she stated.

She entered 2021 jobless, but full of unadulterated passion. Podcasting had always been one of her areas of interest, she wanted to share her story, but also pass the microphone to the people of Athens who do all kinds of different things.

Now Cooper is a full-time podcaster sharing her spotlight with all of Athens, “I want to look at not just the pretty parts of Athens, I want to look at all of Athens and see how we can be better to each other.” A lot of her recommendations come from word of mouth and social media, but she wants to shine the spotlight on people  you wouldn’t see in the news.

Through podcasting, Cooper learns a lot about people and how their experiences help shape their kindness.More often than not, she finds that people who are kind take the time to openly thank others for being part of their successes ­— that’s the inspiration behind her Thankful Tuesday series where she brings on someone who has been thanked by one of her previous interviewees.

Overall, Cooper wants to use her platform as the start of a “community of kindness” through connections and experiences. As she says, “kindness comes in many forms.”

Wildwood Revival

wildwood revival

Who doesn’t love a good music festival? Wildwood Revival, held at Cloverleaf Farm, is as good as it gets for Athens’ lovers of music, food, drinks and artisan goods. Mark your calendars because Southern hospitality meets the great outdoors with this down-home, weekend festival from September 30 to October 2!

Take a break from your work or college life, put on your dancing boots, and enjoy a full line-up of musicians and bands that are sure to revive your jive — they don’t call it Wildwood Revival for nothing!

Full line-up, vendors, ticket and reservation announcement coming soon. Stay in tune at