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Milan Art Institute

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By Hailea Boykin | Photos courtesy of Milan Art Institute

Opened by John and Elli Milan in 2010 in Statham, Ga., the Milan Art Institute has helped hundreds of students master skills that push their fine art to greater heights. While changing lives in their community the Milans felt the need to do more, little did they know, they would become part of a bigger movement that changed the way many schools around the world have gone about learning.

In 2018 the Milan Art Institute created an online option, allowing learning access to passionate art students of all media from around the world. Since the school’s beginning the Milans have been dedicated to teaching with vigor and love while breaking boundaries and inspiring artists.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced artist, the Milan Art Institute is focused on teaching the skills needed to turn passion into a career. Classes are taught by mentors Elli and Dimitra Milan. Elli Milan has been a professional artist for 24 years and has turned her passion for art into a profession that uplifts and guides other aspiring artists. Her daughter, Dimitra Milan, became an artist at the age of 15 and now has art being collected all over the world. Together, they both strive to help artists realize their potential and create a career that circles around their artistic abilities.  

Two classes are offered at Milan Art Institute. As a beginner, take their one-year Beginner Art Program that allows you to explore your style while learning the basics of oil painting and drawing. The next step is their one-year online Mastery Program that gives student artists the edge they need to create a cohesive portfolio and marketing plan that guides the growth of their artistic brand. If you’re looking to learn a new skill or expand a current one, workshop classes are a quick way to enhance your techniques.

Now adding to their growth, the Milan Art Institute has a storefront and gallery in Athens, right in the Five Points neighborhood, for anyone looking to bring some extra color and creativity into their world. The shop offers professional art supplies, canvases, sketchbooks, paintbrushes, paints — including their own line of oil paints in partnership with Da Vinci Paint Co. — and more. As the store grows the Milans are looking to add art events and demonstrations for artists of any experience level. 

With an astounding passion for visionary art and the artists that create it,  the Milan Art Institute has helped artists, new and experienced, build their skills and techniques, continuing to expand their greatness in fine art.

Don’t miss out on the Milan Art Institute’s annual Milan Art Experience Conference and Retreat from August 7–10 at Hotel Indigo.

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