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People Pleaser

In 2016, there were 18,534 restaurants in the state of Georgia. As of October 2018, Peter Dale has contributed four to that number.  Dale is an award-winning chef who didn’t attend culinary school; more importantly, he’s a restaurateur with a gift. Dale understands the nuances of food and the importance of hospitality, and his restaurants…

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Joyners Home

As in the home where they live with their blended family, as in the business they own and operate, as in the way they finish each other sentences, and as in the way they both have impressive visions for the future. The Joyners, who were married three years ago after meeting at a fashion show…

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Third Time Really is the Charm

The building sits at what seems like the corner of College and Hancock Avenues, but upon closer look, the sprawling estate gobbles up almost half (or more) of an Athens city block. Walking up the front steps of this mammoth building and into the stunning and pristine lobby, you would never imagine that it was…

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Everything Girtz

On January 8, 2019, Kelly Girtz was sworn into his new role as Mayor of Athens-Clarke County, but almost a week prior, he was DJ Everything Girtz. New Year’s Eve-goers could find him at the roof of the Georgia Theatre with his “Six Decades of Funk” playlist. Stumbling across the information was surprising at first,…

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Going Green

In the early 2000s the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division teamed up with Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful and applied for the Keep Georgia Beautiful Environmental Education Grant. And they won. With that grant, these two departments were able to start the Green School Program in Athens- Clarke County, with the first “Green School” being designated in…

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