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Scattered & Covered

Happy New Year!

By Brian Panowich | Illustration by Kat McCall The champagne bottles are empty, the confetti is all over the carpet, and we’re starting a brand new rotation around the sun. I bet everyone out there has already started strong on his or her resolutions. The local gyms are booming with people looking to lose those…

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Black Friday & the Meanness of Christmas

By Brian Panowich | Illustration by Kat McCall So, Christmas — the crowned king of all holidays — is just a few months away. It’s the time of year that brings carolers out to your doorstep and families gather around the 50” 4K TV to watch George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life or Bing…

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The Fine Art of Marriage

By Brian Panowich Hey kids, let’s talk about marriage. And by kids, I mean full-fledged adults, because trying to discuss the complexities and subtle nuances about the institution of marriage with anyone under the age of 23 is akin to trying to swap recipes for rhubarb pie with a spider monkey. It’s just downright pointless.…

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You Can Go Home Again After All

By Brian Panowich This month’s issue of the magazine is about homes and gardens—two things I don’t have a whole lot of experience with. So I’m going to take you in another direction as to what home means to me and talk about something I do have a little experience with—music. I’m a military brat…

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Letter to a Fireman’s Wife

By Brian Panowich Before telling stories for a living paid my bills, I was a firefighter for nearly a decade. I can tell you without a doubt that despite the danger that accompanied that kind of work, that I absolutely loved it. I can also tell you exactly when that feeling changed. It happened the…

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Real News

Armendy Faith Davis is a resident of Hart County, Ga., who happened to have a job in Anderson, S.C. Armendy made that commute all the time. It was a boring and uneventful stretch of blacktop that she’d grown accustomed to, so the rain coming down in sheets on the morning of March 6 was not…

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