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Taste – Fall 2019

SIP By Griffin Nelson | Photos By Sara Wise When Chops & Hops opened its doors, the goal was to have an interesting selection of craft beer on tap to complement the cuts of meat on its menu. There were nine taps then, from some of the earliest craft breweries in the U.S. and the…

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Taste – Summer 2019

ARTISAN Having recently made my first attempt at making my own cheese, I can attest to the fact that it’s complicated, time consuming, and labor-intensive. I have so much more respect now for the time that cheese makers put into their product and the knowledge that cheese mongers must have to sell it. There are…

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Taste – Winter 2019

I find some irony in a restaurant named The Expat being one of the most popular new restaurants in Athens. A good irony though. The city is full of diverse culture, locals, college students, professionals, but each finds comfort in this 1930’s home-turned-restaurant. Owners Krista and Jerry Slater and executive chef Savannah Sasser make a…

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Taste – Spring 2019

I am of the opinion that dedication to learning is the only attribute necessary to master an art. Mimi Maumus is the perfect example of someone who loves to cook good food and has dedicated herself to years of learning and studying and practicing her craft. Her recognition within the Athens community and beyond is…

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